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SYF and Roses

Hello. I am JW Anderson and Welcome to the 'Rock Garden'. I live in St. Paul Park, Minnesota, which is located in South Washington County.

But enough about me, lets talk about what's included in this site. The Rock Garden is dedicated to Rock & Roll. However, please be advised that this site focuses on a certain era of Rock & Roll: The psychedelic 60's and the anti-war 70's.

No, this is not just another 'OLD HIPPIE'S' page. Well... not exactly. Of course, if you consider yourself an Internet Hippie, given today's technology...

Click On the SYF cube   SYF

But wait, the Rock Garden goes beyond hippies, psychedelia, and the Vietnam War. While it focuses on the music you will also find information on such abstract topics as my political leanings, artists I respect and admire, concerts I have reviewed, and my ever increasing non-commercial "CDR/Tape List".

For your listening pleasure while you stroll through the Rock Garden, I have added a Tunes section and if you are so inclined download a couple Real Audio files. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy the tunes from the Garden.

And finally, if you are jonesing for some vintage videos, check out my collection of Jefferson Airplane videos on VCD. If anything interests you, send me a note at quah@comcast.net.

Now, just sit back. Pour yourself a cold one. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. And enjoy the tour.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007